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The latest methods of “cartilage slip therapy” without surgery

Many of these methods were offered in the field of “physiotherapy” without surgery, some of which were based on electrical therapy. Some of these methods were based on manual therapy only, and these methods were not able to find specific solutions for each patient based on continuous scientific research.

This is why we offer this service, which we hope will prevent patients with “cartilage slide” from the risks of surgery, or falling into the trap of non-specialists.

Our therapeutic approach is based on:


Take advantage of all the ways and methods of treatment.


Relying on the results of international research approved by the research team of the Centre and activate the results of these researchers in the form of modern treatment programs suitable for each patient separately, the duration of each program from 6 to 12 sessions.


This method of treatment is based on two techniques:

The first technique

Is to measure the dynamic responses of the nerve roots corresponding to the infected cartilage, to determine the extent of pressure on the nerve roots in digital form, and to determine whether they are stable or amenable to the paradox of the nerve roots in order to relieve pressure on them, and determine this digitally, and determine the conditions that cause the removal of pressure from On the nerve roots to be then activated in intensive treatment program, and by the end of this program disappear symptoms of cartilage completely, God willing, and also identify the harmful conditions to avoid using a device to draw nerves and muscles for a therapeutic goal different from other diagnostic measures.

The second technique

A mechanical simulation model of the vertebrae and cartilage using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) sections and 3D cross-sectional radiography to determine the correct directions of the cartilage dynamic assessment.

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