Top Reasons Why You Should Give Birth in Montreal

BLog8 - Top Reasons Why You Should Give Birth in Montreal

Canada is an economically developed country with a huge and reliable health care system. Each province provides health care to its citizens.

Giving Birth in Montreal

Canadian law states that any child born in Canada is a Canadian citizen (by birth). This does not require that the father or mother be Canadian citizens or have residency in Canada. Thus, a child born in Canada to a father and mother on a visit to Canada has Canadian citizenship and usually gets a Canadian passport several days after birth.

Health Care Card

Montreal health care requires that a person stays for 3 months in Ontario before obtaining a health care card. Therefore, the newborn does not receive parents visiting Canada on the birth health card. However, if the child comes to study or work in the future, he or she stays in Ontario for 3 months or is entitled to a health care card.

How much does birth cost in Montreal?

There is no universal delivery rate. Most doctors and hospitals are treated according to a predetermined price list, but each separately.

Approximate birth cost

  • About 5-6 thousand Canadian dollars for natural delivery
  • About 8 thousand Canadian dollars cesarean delivery

Prices are approximate for a delegation that is more expensive than usual, or if a newborn needs a phototherapy, etc.

Hospital account

This is charged separately and includes accommodation, medicine, delivery room, etc., and does not include doctors there are obstetricians, anesthesiologists, and surgical assistants in the case of Caesarean section.

Birth - Top Reasons Why You Should Give Birth in Montreal


In the case of normal childbirth, if the pregnant woman feels birthing pains, she will go to the hospital and the nurse will inform her if she needs to be checked in for delivery.

In the case of delivery, the consulting doctor who is in the hospital on that day begins to assist with delivering the baby. This doctor is not necessarily going to be the same person as the follow-up pregnancy doctor.

In the case of cesarean delivery, the immediate doctor will hold the pregnancy by booking the surgery on the day he is in the hospital.

If you are considering to have your baby in Montreal, be sure to calculate the cost, do not forget the expense of visits, flight prices, accommodation prices and purchases during prenatal and postnatal residence. We hope that you have found our guide helpful and that you will have an easy and pleasant birth.

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