Montreal: The City of Healthcare and Beauty

BLog10 - Montreal: The City of Healthcare and Beauty

Montreal is the largest city in the Republic of Canada and is the largest city in Quebec. Today it is in competition with Toronto, but it remains the largest in the world compared to the French-speaking cities of France.

Montreal is one of the world’s largest inland seaports and is also a major transport hub in Canada. It is also one of the major centers of education in the country as well as culture, not to mention industrial and commercial businesses in the country.

Montreal Location

Montreal is located on the island of the river known as Saint Laurent, built around Mont Royal Mountain, specifically in the area where the Ottawa River meets the Saint Laurent River in the southern province of Quebec. The city of Montreal is built on a high chair, which descends west of the banks of the Laurent river, to the mountain of Mont Royal. This is known as the terraces, and there is the old city of Montreal, which is located on the lower terraces, the tall buildings, which are often the buildings of commercial offices active in the heart of the city.

Montreal residents

Most of the people of Montreal are French. They are second to English speaking Canadians, and the rest is a mixture of different parts of the world. There are many European or Far Eastern origins. They migrated to Canada during World War II. The Arab community exceeds the 5% of the population of this country.

montreal - Montreal: The City of Healthcare and Beauty

The Montreal region, known as the Grand, is made up of 75 towns and small towns, and 65% of those who chose Montreal as their home base is actually located on the outskirts of the city. Only 11% of Canada’s population lives in Greater Montreal, with a population of 1.016.376 million.

Montreal Tourism

Tourism in Montreal is characterized by the Saint Laurent River, which is adjacent to the old city, and we find this river running in the streets of the neighborhoods of Kabiri and Meghil, and what reflects the magnificence of this city is right adjacent to old buildings and architecture one finds modern buildings that increase the beauty. Many of the old shops and historical buildings as well as restaurants of the beautiful style, including the old and the modern. The streets are cobblestones that adds to the beauty of Montreal.

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