Canadian Healthcare: All you Need to Know About Health Insurance in Canada

Blog4 - Canadian Healthcare: All you Need to Know About Health Insurance in Canada

Canada has the best medical care system in the world. Federal spending on health care in 2007 reached $ 160 billion, or 6.10% of GDP. In Canada, various levels of government (federal, provincial, and local government) pay about 70% of Canadians’ health care costs, pursuant to the Canadian Health Act, requiring public-funded insurance plans to pay the necessary costs for medical care, but only if what the patient received treatment in hospitals or by doctors.

In this post, we take a closer look at Canadian healthcare and healthcare insurance in Canada, and what exactly makes it so great.

Medical Care Stats in Canada

There is a significant difference between governorates with regard to coverage of the costs mentioned above, including prescriptions for outpatient treatments, physiotherapy, long-term care, home care, dental care and ambulance services. Health spending in Canada in 2008 reached $171.9 billion, or $5,170 per person. This expenditure represents 10.7% of GDP.

Hospitals are the top spenders with $48.1 billion in disbursements. However, according to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), this amount is the second among other countries, behind the United States of America and ahead of Norway, Switzerland, and Luxembourg.

Waiting period for public health insurance

  • Residents must wait a period to obtain a public health insurance This period varies from district to district and may take up to three months in some counties.
  • You can communicate with the Ministry of Health of your district to find out how long.
  • Make sure that you have private health insurance to cover your healthcare needs during the waiting period before receiving approval of general health insurance.

The Five Basic Pillars of The Canadian Health Act

1. Public

To provide all available health services to the insured population under specific conditions.

2. Inclusiveness

All insured health services provided by medical practitioners, dentists, and other health services.

3. Availability

Availability of access to doctors and hospitals without financial barriers or biases based on income, age or health status.

4. Roaming

Ensuring coverage in the absence of citizens from their place of residence or travel throughout the country.

5. General Administration

The system is activated by a government agency determined by the local government on a non-profit basis.

The system is also decentralized, and the federal and provincial governments participate in running the system according to specific actions of the parties. It is funded by the state budget and taxes. Beneficiaries are free to choose a doctor. Payment is paid by the government agency, negotiated with the local government.

Now that you know all there is to know about healthcare in Canada as well as how health insurance in this beautiful country works, you are probably stoked to move there and benefit from the comprehensive solutions the government offers its citizens.

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