Men’s Ultimate Answer to Hair Loss in Beloeil

Blog13 - Men’s Ultimate Answer to Hair Loss in Beloeil

Are you starting to notice your fast thinning hair? Don’t worry too much because you are not alone in this world with that kind of problem. In fact, the population of men that face the same problem is growing each year!

Hair Transplant Breakthrough

As an answer to this problem, a new breakthrough in the health care industry called “hair transplant” procedure was introduced. Over the past few years since the first ever hair transplant surgery for male baldness was performed in 1952 by Dr. Norman Orentreich in New York, the technology and technique have improved a lot.

Various ways on getting rid of baldness were performed such as hair transplantation, hair transplant and hair restorations. Though both men and women experience the thinning of hair and baldness, men are the most common clienteles of these medical procedures. As a matter of fact, men can call these procedures like hair transplantation as their ultimate answer to hair loss!

Proud Celebrities Who’ve Tried and Tested Hair Transplants

As the procedures improve which require less invasive steps just to acquire satisfying results, more and more men decide to try it. Even celebrities from different industries are curious. Hence, some of the most popular celebrities like Wayne Rooney, a former football captain in England have tried to get a hair transplant after experiencing a thinning hair at the age of 25.

hairloss - Men’s Ultimate Answer to Hair Loss in Beloeil

As per the result, Rooney announced on his Twitter that he was “delighted with the results” which encouraged him to go for another hair transplant. Another famous celebrity who revealed his hair loss problem is Robbie Williams. Right on The Norton Show, Williams exposed in the public that he also “had a thatch done”. Even James Nesbitt admitted that his transplant has “probably helped” him to get the “range of leading roles” since then.

Why You Shouldn’t Fear Hair Transplant?

If you think that the idea of having a hair transplant is like having an entire scalp to replace or be stitched over your scalp, clear your head because it’s not like that! It’s a cosmetic procedure where some of your hair will be transplanted from one area to another where your hair is thinning. It’s a brilliant way to supplement an area or some areas on your head with your own “healthy-growing” hair too.

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